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I really cannot express what a godsend Dr. Lalonde has been to our family. While using a carefully chosen, well-known dentist in Florida, my daughter was the unfortunate recipient of a botched implant. I wish I could say that was accidental, but it was a careless disregard for the protocol which caused the problem Dr. Lalonde inherited. The experienced but overconfident Florida doctor placed an implant sideways. Most periodontists would take a simple intraoperative X-ray which would confirm the implant is straight but this doctor disregarded protocol resulting in a sideways implant that ran dangerously close to the nerve of the GOOD tooth next to it. In a word: Disaster. Dr. Lalonde caught this problem quickly on a follow-up visit upon my daughter’s return to Indiana. He urgently advocated on my daughter’s behalf speaking to the doctors in Florida and consulting his own mentors in Ohio to organize a treatment plan to correct the mess. Ultimately, Dr. Lalonde removed the poorly placed implant and placed new bone graft material, placed a new (proper) implant and veneers to make both congenital defects and prior orthodontia match. In my opinion, this was an extremely complicated case both emotionally and physically. It took courage for Dr. Lalonde to confront another dentist regarding his work and honestly I do not think many would even want to get involved trying to undo another person’s mistakes. But he did and turned the mess into something worthwhile. I cannot imagine any other doctor would be as personally involved from start to finish as he was. Fixing this problem took two years and with each step, there was uncertainty whether or not the procedures he tried would even work within the frame he inherited! Dr. Lalonde tirelessly and steadily made our burden his own and SUCCEEDED in turning our tears and pain into a giant smile. Dr. Lalonde even gave us his personal cell phone for questions or emergencies and consistently responded anytime we used it. While the physical outcome is obviously amazing, what you cannot see in a picture is the HOURS he worked tirelessly behind the scenes and even on his days off and into the night if necessary to make this masterpiece come to life. I can safely say after seeing him perform seemingly every procedure a periodontist or cosmetic dentist could be required to perform, I can report with confidence his work is exceptional in all areas. I wholeheartedly recommend him and I would go so far as to say think twice in trusting anyone else or you could be us! THANK YOU DR LALONDE! You are a treasure.


Yesterday, my son just finished a long process of getting implants.  His permanent crowns were put in and he looks great!  My son had the misfortune of losing his 4 front teeth in a boating accident at the age of 18.  However, we’ve had the great fortune of having Dr. Lalonde take us through this long process.  He was with us from the emergency room through to the placement of the permanent crowns.  Prosthetic dentistry is very detailed and therefore can be painfully long.  Dr. Lalonde was very sensitive and compassionate throughout and tended to my son in a very caring manner.  His whole staff has been involved and have given exceptional care to him.  I highly recommend Dr. Lalonde and his staff for both general dental care and specialty care.  They will take good care of you.

Marge W.

I hate change, especially when it comes to dentists. When my previous dentist retired I felt panic!
Dr. Lalonde put me at ease. He listens to my concerns, gives good advice and is gentle when working in my mouth.
His staff is wonderful too! No Dr. can do their job efficiently without a compassionate staff.


I would highly recommend Dr. Lalonde to anyone. Over the years I have had several bad experiences in the dental chair. Therefore, I can be a very anxious patient. Dr. Lalonde listened to my concerns and was able to do all the work I needed without any pain. He is always calm and reassuring.

Sherri N.

Very thankful to have this specialized dental care located right here in Lafayette.  Dr. LaLonde efficiently, successfully, and affordably treated my symptoms associated with TMJ.  He has a professional and sincerely caring demeanor and his team members have always been helpful and friendly.  Looking forward to returning for my general dentistry needs as well.

Marianna B.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lalonde and Lafayette Restorative Dentistry to anyone who is looking for dental care. I have been his patient since he started practicing in Lafayette, and while I am still “anxious” about sitting down in the dental chair, I have been treated with patience, kindness, humor, and encouragement by both Dr. Lalonde and Pam, my favorite hygienist, and any other assistants in his office. My every six months’ visits have been very thorough and informative, the crowns and fillings I’ve had done, have just had perfect results and I had minimal anxiety as they were being done. I do not have dental insurance and have found costs to be reasonable and affordable for my budget. This is a good place to go, honest!!

Hyang J.

High quality & faithful Dr. Lalonde is the best doctor among whole my medical and dental doctors. He spent time for me more than one hour to find the cause of my trouble today. He is really faithful to his patients.

Cassie C.

Dr. Lalonde is one of the only dentists that I found that was willing to treat my TMJ. He always does a wonderful job with any work he does. After being treated for TMJ, I went to him to have my wisdom teeth removed and now I go there for regular cleanings. All of the staff is very friendly and caring. I highly recommend going to Lafayette Restorative Dentistry for all of your dental needs.

Sarah T.

If you have extremely high anxiety issues about going to a Dentist… I would HIGHLY recommend going to Dr. Lalonde. Even if I am out of state I will definitely drive/fly back to visit Dr. Lalonde.
Very professional, calming and relaxing atmosphere, good music. Very thorough examination, X-rays, in-depth questions, and they WILL even work with you financially. I think I even started forgetting about my anxiety!

Kathie B.

Friendly, professional and informative I’ve never had a doctor of any kind come out into the lobby to meet me. What a great first impression!
The exam chairs! I get extremely nervous at the dentist, but with the massaging chairs relaxed me. Thank you for that!
The staff is wonderfully friendly and professional. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment to see all of the ideas Dr. Lalonde has for me.

Selena M.

Dr. Lalonde and his staff are great. I absolutely love them. I’ve have had a fear of the dentist for years but Dr. Lalonde and his staff made me feel comfortable from the first visit. They explain every process, give me options and let me make decisions that are the most comfortable for me.

Cynthia L.

Dr. Lalonde is amazing! He truly cares and he is very talented. We had an implant placed at another location with a reputable doctor, and to our HORROR the first Dr. did not place it properly. Dr. Lalonde caught the error on a routine consultation for crowns and was able to correct the issue and even went further to improve the look and color of the other Drs. work. It made ALL of the difference and potentially saved an adjacent tooth from dying. I think Dr. Lalonde works 24 hours a day practically and even gave his personal cell phone. I am a registered nurse and believe me …the doctors I know don’t do that! His office was impeccable. Do not go anywhere else. You are in GREAT hands.

Linda N.

Dr. Lalonde is an excellent dentist – skillful, knowledgeable, patient, and charming! What more can you ask for? He explains everything to you. His work is professional and top-notch. His rates are affordable. The assistants and support staff are warm, friendly, and extremely helpful. He is a rare jewel among dental practitioners. I highly recommend him!

Raymond B.

I have never been as happy with a dentist and staff as I am with Lafayette Restorative Dentistry. They take the time needed for you, go the extra mile and ensure your comfort. Quality is what describes them best!

Madelyn D.

By far the most upscale and friendly dentist office that I have ever received care from. The staff is very organized and Dr. Lalonde is thorough and meticulous. I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and high quality of dental care which Dr. Lalonde and his team provide. Dr. Lalonde is a perfectionist when it comes to restorative dentistry.

Sue C.

Painless and prompt. I had two fillings today. The staff was very gentle, courteous and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions. I was in and out in about 40 minutes. There was no pain throughout the entire process.

Marian C.

High-quality service with a staff that puts you at ease. Dr. Lalonde fixed my broken front tooth. It looks better than before. I am very dentist phobic and I was relaxed and comfortable. The doctor and staff have a calm and gentle demeanor that kept me at ease. I will go back for all of my dental needs.

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